Every so often, I select new images to use on my website.  I try to find images that move or inspire me in some way.  Please feel free to let me know what you think.

2015 Header Image – Innovation Light

I found this image while looking at a photo collection site.  I enjoyed it and its companion images a great deal because like so many things in life, the closer you look, the more detail is exposed.  It reminds me of people in that way.  The image also reminded me of the new product I was in the midst of launching at TestSnap.  I think when we were planning the product, the solution looked relatively simple but as we began to work on it, we exposed a huge number of edge cases that had to be addressed.  That makes products a lot like people.

2013 Header Image – Space Walk

This was provided to me by a family friend who worked at NASA.  It has since been made available to the public.  I enjoy this image because it epitomizes teamwork.  Two people (plus all of the support personal on the ground) are working to solve a problem with the International Space Station under extremely difficult circumstances and in an environment that does not tolerate many mistakes.  This is a situation where one must learn quickly and adapt to changing situations.

This is one of the considerable challenges that most start-ups encounter and it is often why companies fail.  Staying the course regardless of circumstances does not often work out the way many of us would like.

Over two decades ago, I was a financial advisor and analyst for A.G. Edwards & Sons.  It was a good early career move that I was well suited for (and well compensated for).  However, it was one that did not make me happy.  I tried many times to change my work to address my lack of satisfaction but was ultimately unsuccessful.

A friend approached me and said that the reason I did not enjoy the work was that I was not creating anything tangible…something that I could point at and say: “I was a part of that!” He left me with the idea that if I did not change my career and pursue for my ambitions, I would never be happy.

He was right of course and I decided to adapt.  This is a decision that I have never regretted and, for some reason, am reminded of whenever I see this image.